Your Perfect Cake

We are overjoyed you are considering BIG Bundts Cake Lounge to be a part of your special day! Our professional team is here to help in every way. We strive to offer high quality cakes to fit all styles and budgets. We are now booking for 2019, offering simple single cakes, tiered cakes, and dessert tables featuring our hugely popular artisan cake balls.  So, let’s begin your perfect cake journey!


Book Early

We only accept a few weddings each weekend, so book early. Your special cake deserves the utmost attention and our world will revolve around it’s every detail. Wedding cakes, no matter how big or small, are all encompassing and our team will make it happen. We are happy to answer any questions, get you a quote or schedule a cake tasting box.


Cake Tasting Box

We developed a more comfortable way for couples to really taste our cakes. We do not schedule on-site cake tastings, however, we offer unique Custom Cake Tasting Boxes! Choose up to four different cake flavors at least 7-14 days in advance. We will have your cake samples boxed and ready for you to pickup and enjoy in the privacy of your choosing! Couples love to savor and discuss their favorite flavors together. Alone.

We are now booking BBCL tasting boxes for 2019.



Once you have enjoyed your intimate cake tasting, just reach out to our team and we will assist you in selecting the final design of your special occasion cake. Consultations are free and are 100% dedicated to the conversation of your special occasion. We'll discuss ideas, dreams, likes, dislikes - all of it! Consults are booked 2 to 3 weeks in advance and are usually scheduled on Saturday afternoons. If that day doesn't fit well with your schedule, we can be flexible and schedule for a weekday at 4pm. Simply FYI, we're closed Sundays and Mondays.


Cake Tables

Let us paint your dessert table canvas! Whether you have a work luncheon, special event or wedding!