The Flavors of Spring


77 degrees.  Yes, that was the temperature this week in Durham.  We are profoundly grateful at the bakery that we have a large window that faces the Duke University East Campus “wall.”  The counter we serve customers from faces this view, and it is a spectacular view.  Mountains?  No.  Forest?  No.  Definitely not a beach view!  We get to see the changes in the huge trees across the street, the grass greening, and most importantly, humanity coming to life!

When you have a week of weather like we have just experienced, hibernating people come out…they come out like you’ve never seen.  Lucky dogs get that first LONG walk since winter started, children run around the open field and hide behind the tree trunks several sizes bigger than them, and runners and walkers fill the wall’s cinder path.  Happiness seems to prevail among us all.  It is warm, the sun is out, the trees are starting to flower a magnificent pink, and new beginnings feel like they are just around the corner.

At our Cake Lounge we are venturing into new beginnings.  We are hoping to add enthusiastic new staff while the old staff members create businesses of their own.  New staff brings new energy and drive to succeed, not to mention, perhaps an occasional GREAT idea.<wink, wink>

We are also introducing new spring flavors to our scrumptious line-up…Vanilla Blueberry Lavender, and Strawberry Rose Cake Balls.  We work tirelessly to develop new layer cake flavors, too.  Maybe you have a suggestion?  We love to hear from our gracious customers!  

WEDDINGS.  Wow, the calls we have been receiving for wedding cakes!  We are truly honored at the fact that so many new brides/grooms are opting for REALLY TASTY cakes versus fancy, fondant creations!  If it’s an amazing tasting cake you want for your wedding we truly fit the bill.  And did I mention how much we love to do it?!


Personally, at the bakery, each of us is on the cusp of change and hope.  We have been dealing with challenging, sometimes, heart-wrenching “stuff,” but we support each other, come to work to focus on that which we have direct impact, and most importantly, we are reminded every day that the dawn of spring is absolutely glorious in the pursuit of newness.

The flavors of spring are plentiful.  Don’t miss the opportunity to savor each and everyone…Every cake ball, cake, beautiful sight, new beginning, or different chapter.