Cake and Kindness


You know the mouse on the wheel...That’s how the day started at The Cake Lounge today.

Answering phone call after phone call, replying to unanswered emails, listening to multiple voicemails...all of this in the midst of whipping up batters, rolling cake balls, and frosting 8” layers.

It was the chaotic response to closed snow days, and it really threw us off our game.   We each made dumb mistakes...forgot to gather pertinent order information, decorated cake balls incorrectly, deleted the first attempt at today’s blog.  All of this made us crabby with each other...The “colors of our sprinkles faded,” and the “twinkle left our sparkle.”  Thank goodness we have the ability to call each other out on our bullsh!t, which we did, and we picked ourselves up by our “big girl panties,” and forged ahead remembering our ability to tackle stressful situations.  If we could handle the holidays, we are certainly capable of getting back on our game after some stupid snow!

“Are you open?”  “Can I order 4 dozen cake balls for pick up this afternoon?”  “Can you deliver a birthday cake to Duke for my son?”  All of this is music to our ears.  The desperation, the need to be taken care of...we live for it.  And we live for it because it means YOU MISSED US!  You genuinely need us!  But not only is the feeling mutual, today you were so very kind.  All of you were kind in a “super-kind” way, in a “you are extremely kind, you should be this kind everyday,” way.

But when you’re dealing with cake, how can you not be kind?  I guess if we put the wrong name on top your cake you have an argument.  Cake is flour, sugar, eggs, fun flavors all covered in luscious, sweet cream clouds. Taking cake to a friend, sharing delicate slices of yumminess during celebrations, savoring the quiet moment for an indulgence at your all oozes kindness.  Cake is kindness.

So as the snow melts, if you have trouble getting back into the swing of things today, or the mere process of life is overwhelming, or you’re feeling crabby from spending DAYS stuck at home with your kids/spouse, remember to just be kind to yourself.  Normal routine will present itself in the next moment if you let it.  And if you’re just not there yet, stop on by for a little slice of heaven.  Kindness is cake.  Wink, wink.