Ideas come from the strangest places...


It started with a snack.

Christine was hungry so she walked into the kitchen where fresh naked coconut cake was cooling.  "Can I cut a triangle of this?" she asked Kristen.  "Sure!" Kristen enthusiastically responded.  Christine cut a small triangle of the 8" layer, and sitting on the counter where she was cutting, was a large bowl of fresh blackberry jam Kristen made earlier.  "Mmmm...I'm going to put some of this blackberry jam on top!"  Christine exclaimed.  "Yummmmmm!!" Kristen responded.  "Wait, you just finished the Swiss meringue buttercream, didn't you?"  Christine asked.  "Yes!" Kristen responded.  "Oh man!  I'm gonna top this with it!"  "Oh my God, that sounds so good!"  Kristen was excited!  Christine took one bite of the creation.  Her face must have had the look of complete ecstasy.  "So???" Kristen was on the edge of her stool.  "You have got to try this!!!  The blackberry jam brings out the coconut flavor of the cake.  The texture of the cake is slightly chewy and the buttercream pulls it all together!!  Kristen, we have to make this into a cake!"

Kristen helped herself to a serving of the concoction.  "Holy s#!t!"  This is so delicious!!"  

So this is the crazy way the process starts.  You take 3 enthusiastic people (Shawn, our soul brother, happened to be off this day) who love food/baking/flavors, and love to create...Whether it's a cake, a new product line, a new name for a flavor, an name it, they love to create it, and you add freedom to pursue ideas and voila, the ideas become reality!

We love to come to work every day.  Who can say that these days?  Why do we love it?  We all agree that we won't do it if "it" is not extraordinary.  We love it because we like and respect each other.  We talk honestly about the business, and are brutal sometimes when we don't like an idea one of us had, or if we think we didn't make a product or service experience extraordinary.  But we always fall back on humor.  We laugh at ourselves and laugh with each other (and sometimes at each other).  This is what fosters creativity and ideas, and we would like to think, success.

"OMG!  So we need to layer this coconut cake with the blackberry jam, the Swiss meringue buttercream, and finish with the Swiss meringue, but oh, oh, oh!!!!!   You should take the blackberry jam and create buttercream 'paint,' and paint the sides and top with shredded coconut!!!"  Christine was squealing with delight!  "Yes, yes, yes!!!!  Let's do it!!  I'm so excited,"  Kristen couldn't contain her excitement!  Kristen went to work, did her magic (as she does EVERYDAY), and created thee most stunningly, beautiful work of art and deliciousness.  The next day, Shawn and Christine put the lovely cake on display.  "We have to name this cake, Shawn,"  Christine pondered, "and it needs to be more creative than Coconut Blackberry.  Something that pulls out the artistic beauty of it, too."  "It looks like about Cocoberry Blush?"  Shawn instinctively responded.  "YES!!"  Christine literally jumped up and down.

And the Cocoberry Blush cake was created.

This is how it starts...With a snack.  And people who love to create.